Same Recipe, Since 1968

Founder Lim Lee Seng started selling fishball noodles from a pushcart.

Find out the secret that keeps his customers bouncing back for more…

All Our Best in a Bowl

Fishballs, fish dumplings, fish cake and your choice of noodles – guess which is Singapore’s favourite?

Freshly Made, Everyday

100% yellowtail fish. No fillers. Discover how many kilos of fresh fish go into making our fishballs every day.

A Juicy, Meaty Bite

We’re told our fish dumpling skin has a special bouncy bite like no other.

It’s probably the fish we add that make it so…

Freshly Handmade Fish Cake

Have it with your noodles or order it as a side, our fish cake is one of our originals and it’s a must-try!

It was in 1968

A time where jobs were hard to come by

To make a living, founder Mr Lim Lee Seng started a business selling fishball noodles from a pushcart. Ready to work hard and long for a better life, he soon mastered the skill of making fishballs that continue to win him new customers, even today!

From the very beginning, Mr Lim always believed in delivering good, honest food using the freshest ingredients. In the early days, he would travel all the way to the fishery port in Jurong to buy freshly caught yellowtail fish. Then, he would spend six hours painstakingly scrapping meat off the bones, filleting, mincing, kneading and moulding each fishball – all by hand.

trademark Teochew noodles

A Living Legend in Toa Payoh

When hawker centres and wet markets were built in the early 70s, Mr Lim and his wife set up their first stall at Bendemeer Road Hawker Centre where they started to make a name for themselves. In 1987 when the hawker centre was demolished, they moved to Toa Payoh, where they are still cooking their trademark Teochew noodles today!

In 2009 together with their son Eddie, they launched an outlet at ION Orchard's Food Opera. Applying important lessons learnt, the Lims' achieved hard–earned success. Ten more outlets in air–conditioned food courts and standalone shops soon followed, and they have never looked back since.


The Fishball Folks Since 1968

Our Food

Made the Way it Should Be

Today, staying true to Mr Lim's belief in using only the freshest ingredients, food is prepared in a Central Kitchen every single day. Here, our signature 100% yellowtail fishballs are made twice a day, giving them that unmistakable firmness and bounce.

Our other signature offerings are also handmade - fishcakes are made from pure yellowtail fish and shaped by hand. Also made by hand are our fish dumplings - the skin is made from pure yellowtail fish, kneaded and rolled into a delicate paper-thin consistency to wrap juicy, fragrant pork filling.

Our Menu Paired with noodles of each customer's choice and topped with crispy lard and homemade chilli sauce, and you've got the perfect bowl of Teochew Fishball Noodles, one of Singapore's best-loved streetfood classics today.

How we started

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The Fishball Folks Since 1968